DARK SHADOWS provides services in the area of private security:

- Protection of property for a public place,
- Protection of property on other than a public place,
- Protection of persons,
- Protection of persons and property during transport,
- Transportation protection of persons and property,
- Ensuring order on public gatherings,
- Operating a security system or alarm system or its operating parts, evaluation of intrusion into
   the protected object or protected location (hereinafter referred to as the operation of security
   system or alarm system)
- Developing a plan of protection

  and ensures comprehensive protection scheme, which includes:

- Recording and monitoring the movement of people and vehicles,
- Prevent unauthorized entry of persons into the area of authority,
- The registration and control of the movement of vehicles,
- Walk-operation carried out for visual and physical inspection in the identified areas,
- Fire prevention inspection in the identified areas, and of movable and immovable property,
- Check of the decommissioning of parts of objects,
- Locked of the facilities after working hours.



Employees of the company DARK SHADOWS are uniformed, properly fitting and effective armed by weapons carried by the nature of the services and the demands of authority.